Monday, 22 August 2011

When God answers our prayers

Me and my husband were heading to the airport, I was going to California for a month vacation to visit my family.  We were waiting for a taxi for almost 10 minutes and we were becoming irritated because all the taxi  were either hired or on call. I told my husband maybe we can take the bus because I was in the verge of missing my flight. To our surprise even the buses were all full and can’t even take anymore passengers. And so I remembered  to call a friend through prayer and I asked my husband to pray with me.

We whispered, “Lord, please send us a cab that will take us to the airport on time. Please help us not to miss my  flight.”

Then after a few minutes we finally got to spot a cab that wasn’t hired and we immediately waved at him.  The cab stopped and while my husband was loading my suitcases a man approached my him and  asked if we were heading to the airport and if he could share the ride with us because he is in a hurry and he will just share half of the bill. We don’t see any problem so we said, “Sure.”
Few minutes later, we arrived in the airport we saw him handing the money to driver. Then after we got our suitcases we asked the man how much we have to pay him.
Then he said, “Its ok I got it. God bless you on your journey. I’m an airport police. Thank you for sharing the cab with me.”

Me and my husband were both smiling while saying thank you so much, our eyes can’t believe that a miracle just happened more than what we asked for. We just prayed for a cab and God even took care of the bill for us. What an amazing Lord we have!

Most of the times when we encounter problems we tend to solve it by ourselves remember it is written in the bible in Psalm 86: 6-7 “Please listen, Lord! Answer my prayer for help. When I am in trouble, I pray knowing you will listen.

Everyday, miracles do happen because God just simply loves each one of us so be aware and give Him praise.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

“I’m getting married!”

I said these words in front of my friends with so much excitement but  almost all of them gave me a doubtful face and asked me, these questions, “Why?”, “Are you pregnant?” ,“Do you know that it is so expensive to file a divorce?” Questions that I didn’t expect because all I need to hear was a loud “Congratulations!”

Well I guess I can’t blame them for not believing anymore that  marriage still exist even at this moment when you can get in and out of relationship in just blink of an eye. Relationships seems like an endless search  most of the times tiring and drains all your energy but in this crazy world we live in each one of us must believe in the beauty of marriage to be able to see that God’s destined person for you.

Marriage is not about finding the right wedding gown it is about finding the right groom. It doesn’t end at the big day as you walk down the aisle, say your i dos, kiss the bride it is the beginning of a should be an everlasting story of love. Of course it is not a bed of roses all the time but all I know is that I got married because I found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. We will both have our own share of worst times in the days ahead but I know that at the end of it as I will look into his eyes I will be reminded that true love does exist and our promises strengthened by marriage will keep us together.

Yes, I am a newly wed and it might be so early to say good things about married life but even at a young age I was so blessed to witness the beauty of marriage with my very own parents that even at the time of death the love can still survive with the one left behind. This is the very reason why I made this blog, for my parents who are my inspiration for believing in marriage and for my husband who proved that true love grows and marriage is never a chance it is a choice to make it happen.

This is about my journey being a wife, each day will definitely be a different experience from yesterday and I want to share it with all of you. Join me as I turn the pages and discover the story of my married life.